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About Us


The Postcard House is owned & operated by Geraldine, who has a fondness for postcards. Everytime she goes travelling, she is always on the lookout for postcards.

In 2010, she chanced upon a new hobby of sending postcards to strangers around the world on Postcrossing.com.
Postcards Exchange
She love the idea of sending and receiving Postcards through snail mail. And knowing that each card would be special because someone she didn't know picked it just for her and took the time and effort to write and sent it. She also hopes that the postcards she sent will brightens that someone's day. Since then, this new hobby has made opening her mailbox even more exciting other than the usual bills, advertisement flyers and pamphlets.

She enjoys sourcing for postcards around the World rather than those touristy ones found locally. And she thought that it would be a good idea to share the postcards she has found globally with others. Hence, came the birth of this online postcard shop, The Postcard House.


The type of postcards you will find here are mostly topic postcards that are colorful, catchy, nostalgic, unique and of high quality.
All postcards are brand new.

There are many ways with postcards, from sending it to friends and relatives, collecting postcards as a hobby, participating in Postcrossing to displaying it as a picture card on memoboard, fridge and around the room.


The Postcard House operates from Singapore, but it is not an obstacle to share our postcards with you globally.
We aim to keep international shipping fees to a minimum. For more details on shipping, please go to 'Payment & Shipping Info'.


♥♥ Happy Shopping ♥♥


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The Postcard House, since 2010
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